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Protecting Kids &
Education Excellence,
Getting Back to Basics


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A New Voice, A Firm Commitment, A Fresh Start

Scott Reese is a veteran Marine Corps officer with an extensive and dependable background as a community volunteer. He received a Bachelor of Science in Communication from Oregon State University and went on to earn his MBA in Economics and Marketing Strategy from the University of California Irvine. He is now an experienced financial investment strategist with a local real estate and construction management firm. Reese has worked on the Leander ISD Bond Oversight Committee and hopes to expand his impact on his community by being elected to the Leander ISD Board of Trustees. Reese is married with three children, two of whom were at Cedar Park High School before going on to attend college. Together they have 26 years of experience with Leander ISD, where they have collectively served in numerous volunteer and leadership roles. 



Parental Involvement 

Giving parents a voice in their child’s education

Removing CRT

Removing radical indoctrination from our classrooms and getting back to basics

Student Outcomes

Focus on improving the quality of education and giving every student a chance to succeed


Ensure every parent and citizen can see the inner workings of the district


Build a system for county-wide leadership recruitment, using the information and marketing  infrastructure of LISD to fund and deliver the message.

My plan to implement the vision:

  1. Deliver improved academic outcomes for our children with a rigorous focus on excellence and quality

  2. Return citizenship as a core element of the curriculum: 1) knowing your God-given rights declared in the Declaration of Independence and secured by the US Constitution, and 2) how to defend them

  3. Do this through specific measurable goals and leadership accountability

  4. Fund this through finding efficiency gains throughout the district and modeling our instruction delivery around the most effective delivery systems 

  5. Identify instructional material sources that are devoid of ideology and are proven successful at instilling skills and knowledge into our children

  6. Create long-term momentum by developing multiple systems to support this vision


I’m humbled to announce that Mr. Charley Rouse -- legendary Leander High School principal, namesake of Rouse High School, and continued advocate for education -- has endorsed me for Leander ISD Board of Trustees, Place 6.
My deepest thanks to Mr. Rouse and the Rouse family for numerous hours together discussing the top issues facing Leander ISD and laying out paths forward to protecting our kids and improving education outcomes.




Standing by parents and supporting our future.

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